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Natascha French brings a blend of digital strategy and omnichannel marketing consulting with 15+ years of experience guiding companies to new revenue growth through her expertise in emerging technologies. Natascha has been a pioneer in defining and shaping the immersive technology market, in particular in AR/MR/XR, and AI, leading engagements for Fortune 500 brands, focused on media and entertainment and retail and consumer goods. 

As a Chief Marketing Officer, Natascha brings a unique vantage point to any team, with deep experience navigating organizations through high tech, digital, data, AI, IoT, cloud-based consulting, XR, and voice to create impactful experiences that maximize customer engagement and drive revenue. 

As a trusted advisor to senior executives, Natascha has led digital transformation engagements, overseeing cross functional team management with organizations such as: Clorox, Wells Fargo, Pfizer, Deloitte, Lexus, Caesars Entertainment, ABC, NBC, Disney, HBO, AT&T, SpaceX, NRG, Kroll, Pioneer Electronics, Sony, Boost Mobile, Cheetah Mobile, and others. Natascha’s blend of technology strategy and marketing experience has allowed her to implement high tech solutions into all of her client’s digital transformations. 

Natascha is a results-oriented business development partner who consistently puts together profitable, multi-strategic deals. Natascha thrives as a changemaker for Fortune 500 brands and cultivates entrepreneurial cultures that empower and inspire.